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December 8, 2012
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Les Miserables - Patron-Minette by AresNergal Les Miserables - Patron-Minette by AresNergal
[there ARE kinda-spoilers of the book in that description]
Okay okay so Brujon isn't technically a head of the Patron-Minette gang but considering that 1) He wasn't on my stupid Les Misérables Characters headshots page 2) He apparently upgraded to closer associate when they got arrested 3) Hey since they lose Claquesous by the end they'll have to take a replacement if they want to remain, you know, a FOUR headed monster 4) Oh shut up my composition idea worked better with a fifth guy anyway
Though apparently he's kind of pissed off for some reason.

So yeah, here's a bunch of minor characters !
Brujon, who's got a lot of messy hair and as said is just an associate but who cares because he's still given his share of characterisation once the jailers decide he looks stupid enough ! And he also looks like the dirtiest of the pic ! And apparently he's supposed to compose verses and has oracles superpowers ! And he really looks pissed off here !!!1!!
Claquesous, to whom I give a full mask which must be like, REALLY impractical to speak, but who cares because he doesn't actually speak a lot despite his ventriloquist superpowers ! Also who hangs aroung threatening people with fucking keys ?!
Babet, our dear jack of all trade also he looks kinda sick and like, I'm not really sure he's ever gonna use this cudgel in his life 'cause my guess is he HAS to suck at fighting. For some reason though the "dentist" part kind of imply in my mind that during that ambush at Gorbeau's house, instead of threatening Jean Valjean with super hot metal he could've asked Babet to threaten him to extract all his teeth because I'm pretty sure it would potentially hurt more. Also I'm gonna guess he has +3 lockpicking bonus too. Also, newspaper yayz.
Montparnasse who is just being fucking Montparnasse and yeah that's a rose in his mouth. Because of that chapter where he ACTUALLY has one which kinda made me chuckle I mean seriously XD But oh well he's pretty awesome I guess, and since he's already DA PRETTY BOY in the book I have at least an reason to draw him attractive, unlike other characters who instantly get +20% Charisma/Beauty because I can't draw a character totally unappealing to my taste to save my life. So yeah, thanks for being in that book Montparnasse XD
Aaaaaand Last and certainly not least considering he's like, taller and broader than everyone else, Gueulemer, aka "that guy who's supposedly a leader too but he almost never speaks his mind (but still tries to joke around in the middle of an ambush for some reason)

Other Les Miserables stuff on my Gallery :

EDIT : Want something like that with your OC or any subject you want ? Here are my commission prices !
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12HoursTillSunset Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MONTPARNASSE!!! I love this pic so much XDXDXDXDXDXD
DashieMoulinRouge Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013  Student Writer
This amazing and terrifying!
AresNergal Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2013
Thanks a lot ! =)
EchoVision1357 Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Totally want to read the book now (more than before) so I can meet all these interesting looking characters! :D
AresNergal Featured By Owner May 31, 2013
Thanks !
Those are very minor characters though XD But there's plenty of minor characters.
EchoVision1357 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
Minor characters are often just as cool as the main ones (Sometimes I think people should write books about them to explain their stories). For Halloween once I was the Rat Killer - A minor character from the Phantom of the Opera (he seriously only shows up like, twice)! :D
LochNessDesigns Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
OMG YOU MADE PATRON-MINETTE!!!! :squee: I love you forever now. No, seriously, you are now my new best friend. We read a slightly abridged version in my English class, and I loved Patron-Minette even though they were supposed to be like, super evil. Especially Claquesous. He's mah fav. :D I don't think he was Le Cabuc. CLAQUESOUS LIVES!!!!!
AresNergal Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013
Haha, glad you like it ! We're not many to like those dudes in the fandom, sadly.
(Except Montparnasse)
(Because he's young and pretty)
Well, to be fair, Hugo tells us they're super evil, but we don't really get to see them being super evil. Though that wouldn't stop me. I like Mr fucking Thénardier and he's pretty much painted as the worst asshole in the whole book.
Claquesous has a nice shtick going on with the whole "masked ventriloquist" part. I do think he is Le Cabuc though, because I kinda know how Hugo rolls and I don't think he would have hinted at it if he intended it another way, but really it doesn't matter much either way. Nothing stops a fan's brain to decide to imagine things in another way after all !
Personally I think I'm partial to Babet because I'm terrified of dentists (yup I love fictional characters when they're something I dread IRL ) he's a jack-of-all-trade and he's a daddy with poor enough parenting to have absolutely no idea where he left his family. I cracked up so much at reading the little backstory part of his description oh my god. (also he speaks argot, though he's not the only one on that) (actually I also like Brujon and he speaks argot too so that might be a huge factor to me idk)

It's a shame they don't have much screen time (well, page time I guess, though in the adaptations they barely have screentime at all, rarely name drops, and even more rarely any kind of characterisation). I'd kill to have moar material about these guys seriously.
LochNessDesigns Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
Yeah, according to Hugo he was... But I thought that was a super uncool death for someone as cool as Claquesous... So I decided he wasn't. On my own lol.
AresNergal Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013
I admit it's not the classiest death for someone who was introduced with awesome sentences like "he was night" and so one XD But I think Hugo was trying to be like, "So hey look they're not THAT cool they get killed as easily as anyone right" or something.
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