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October 11, 2012
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Les Miserables - Vive la Republique ! J'en Suis by AresNergal Les Miserables - Vive la Republique ! J'en Suis by AresNergal
Hey, some Les Misérables fanart because that's my favorite book ever and omg I love Victor Hugo :la:
Here is the Death Scene (oh well, just-before-death) of Enjolras and Grantaire. Because I like them. I mean Grantaire is funny and somehow he managed to have an awesome death without actually fighting XD

Hey, Here the extract form the book. It's in french though, so sorry if you can't understand it.

"Relégué qu’il était dans son coin et comme abrité derrière le billard, les soldats, l’œil fixé sur Enjolras, n’avaient pas même aperçu Grantaire, et le sergent se préparait à répéter l’ordre : En joue ! quand tout à coup ils entendirent une voix forte crier à côté d’eux :
— Vive la République ! J’en suis.
Grantaire s’était levé.
L’immense lueur de tout le combat qu’il avait manqué, et dont il n’avait pas été, apparut dans le regard éclatant de l’ivrogne transfiguré.
Il répéta : Vive la République ! traversa la salle d’un pas ferme, et alla se placer devant les fusils debout près d’Enjolras.
— Faites-en deux d’un coup, dit-il.
Et, se tournant vers Enjolras avec douceur, il lui dit :
— Permets-tu ?
Enjolras lui serra la main en souriant.
Ce sourire n’était pas achevé que la détonation éclata.

Enjolras, traversé de huit coups de feu, resta adossé au mur comme si les balles l’y eussent cloué. Seulement il pencha la tête.
Grantaire, foudroyé, s’abattit à ses pieds."

Texture used :

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So here I'm just like, "Oh, look at that lovely picture, look at the beautiful coloring and what great express- no no no no no no are those guns?"

So basically, break my heart, why don't you?
I love the atmosphere. Like I know they're about to die but there's an air of genuine friendship around them it's like their own little world. excellent job
Thanks a lot =) !
holy cow I didn't see this one. I would wear this on a t-shirt!

Allow me to link you to something: this scene, from the only possible witness. Scroll down to chapter V

This is so wonderful and OTP feels and ajdslfpt;;lhsby I can't. Wow. Speechless. I literally gasped when I saw this. :')
Gee don't worry about commenting it's always appreciated XD
Thanks a lot =) I'm not really into shipping and stuff because of how it's often way out of character but hey since that scene actually happens and is so emotionally wrecking and stuff I felt like drawing it. Also I really like Grantaire.
MusicRevolution1832 Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Nice job! I love the attention to detail and the bayonets are perfect. The facial expressions are a bit awkward, but they're cute. :)
Ça me donne envie de lire du Victor Hugo (OMG mais qu'est ce qu'il m'arrive ?!).
J'aime <3 Bon boulot !
collectingbees Dec 8, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
I just burst into tears. This is incredible.
Thanks a lot = ) That's a part of the book that is soooooo emotionally strong - Plus I really really like the characters so seeing them die is always pretty strong, so yeah that's the sort of chapter that makes me both incredibly sad because Awesome Death Scene, AND on a weird happy note, Grantaire kinda earned what he wanted in the end, and well, I tried to capture all those feelings and I'm really happy if other people like it

Plus on a technical note that's also more or less since that piece that I kinda changed my way of coloring and left the land of "typical rectangular canvas shape" to have some fun with png's transparency superpowers :la:
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